SIDRA Officer Duties

Formed in 1977, SIDRA (Southwestern Idaho Desert Racing Association) is a non profit organization. Our purpose is to promote motorcycle racing, increase the image of motorcyclists and encourage the use of safety equipment while riding and racing. SIDRA is a collection of Desert Racing Clubs that coordinates a season points championship to help promote participation at races. Our great group of volunteers strive to help local clubs put on fun, challenging, family friendly desert races. 

Officer nominations are made at the October meeting each year and officers are elected at our November meeting. Check out our Schedule Page for dates, times and locations.

Below are list of duties and currently serving officers of SIDRA. We welcome additional help in any of the below areas!

New for 2021, SIDRA has hired Jacob Michna as our Series Director! He will take over a lot of the below task work to keep our series thriving! 


President – David Kamo

  • Answer phone calls for general questions
  • Chair Monthly Meetings
  • Book Monthly Meeting Space
  • Checks SIDRA PO box bi-weekly, renews mailbox contract every June.
  • Banquet Planning
    • Order Jackets, Trophies, Plaques, catering, emcee, raffle prizes, banquet room.
  • Social Media posts and message replies
  • AMA Advancement, reclassification annually and as requested/needed


Vice President – Coby Barlow

  • Reply to SIDRA emails for general questions
  • Assist with onsite SIDRA Membership and temp #’s at races
  • Order Temp # Plates
  • Series sponsorship contracts
  • Sponsorship emails and social media posts
  • Order Merchandise
  • Ship Merchandise Orders
  • Renew AMA Charter Annually
  • Update online rules annually


Secretary – Lindsay Haskell

  • Take Meeting Minutes and upload to Google Drive.
  • Create FB Events for meetings and races
  • Reply to social media messages and emails
  • Maintain Club agreements, update Google Drive as needed
  • Obtain COI from clubs with SIDRA as named insured before each event
  • Import email addresses from Moto-Tally into Mailchimp
  • Send “Pre-Entry open” Email for each race from Mailchimp
  • Update website with race information, schedule and pre-entry links.
  • Order Entry forms before each race
  • Contact jacket winners at year end to confirm size and invite to banquet
  • File Idaho SOS by 7/31 each year
  • File IRS 990-N by 5/15 each year


Treasurer – Travis Doty 

  • Pay Bills as needed
  • Make deposits
  • Update the treasurer report on Google Drive, review at each meeting.
  • Maintain bank balances, sending transfers from Paypal
  • Send and follow up on sponsorship invoices
  • Calculate, Send and follow up on club invoices for rider fees
  • Reconcile SIDRA money from races and banquet, update Treasurer report and deposit money. 


Points Steward – Rhiannon Kamo

  • Assign Membership #’s, print and mail membership cards.
  • Assist with onsite SIDRA Membership and temp #’s at races.
  • Order Transponders from Moto-Tally
  • Coordinate with club getting timing and scoring trailer to events.
  • Store, maintain and update scoring/registration laptops.
  • Maintain Moto-Tally database, update events, scoring types, set pre-registration dates.
  • Send pre-entry list to clubs before the race. 
  • Assist with onsite scoring, finalize and upload results to the website.
  • Contact clubs for worker points within 5 days of the race. 
  • Add worker points to events and update points online. 
  • Answer emails and messages regarding points/results/rider database.
  • Send results to Hook-It after each race and for the championship.
  • Send schedule to KTM and Husqvarna each January for contingency.
  • Determine jacket winners for awards banquet.
  • Determine earned numbers for following year within 30 days of final series race and post online.
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