AMA Annual Minor Release

For a Minor to race any AMA Sanctioned Race, we must have one of two forms of AMA Competition Releases:

  • A current Annual Release and Waiver card from the AMA, or
  • A Minor Release form, signed by both parents (onsite at the race) unless either one parent is deceased or the parent signing the minor up has full court-approved legal custody

To obtain an Annual Waiver card from the AMA:

  1. Complete the online waiver; or
  2. Fill out and Notarize the 2019 AMA Competition Annual Minor Liability Release and Mail the Minor Release to:

Racing Administrative Assistant 
American Motorcyclist Association 
13515 Yarmouth Drive 
Pickerington, OH 43147 

The AMA will issue a Waiver card within 2 weeks that you must present at registration or you will need both parents and the minor to sign the event release form.

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