The 2023 AMA Racing Rulebook and these Supplemental rules will govern SIDRA events.


Riders will be divided into the following Championship classes:


  1. All riders must display the correct background color, number and letter (indicator) for their class and division on all three number plates. Numbers and letters must be legible. If a racer arrives to a race without an assigned number or it is not properly displayed, they must purchase a plate at registration for $10.
  2. It is the riders responsibility to enter the proper class. Failure to do so will result in loss of all points earned. If you ride the A class at other like events, you must enter A class at a SIDRA race.
  3. Women C, Masters 60+, Sportsman and Trophy class shall run a reduced amount of miles or time than the other classes.
  4. Divisions:
    • AA (Pro) – No rider shall be forced to race the AA Class.
    • A – Expert riders are experienced, skillful and demonstrated exceptional riding ability.
    • B – Amateur riders have moderate ability and experience.
    • C – Novice riders have minimum experience.
    • Sportsman class is for first time racers or riders that want to compete just for fun or to ride with a child or friend without the pressure of the higher classes. Riders will receive no trophies and series points will not be tracked. Class may have reduced entry fee and course mileage at club discretion.
    • Trophy Class is open to any skill level of rider seeking to run reduced mileage/time from the other classes. Trophy class will be awarded trophies and year end points. A Racer cannot race the Trophy class and then race AA/A/B/C in the same event.
    1. Top Ten Earned number assignments are based on your Class and Division season points from the previous year for all annual SIDRA members.
      1. Numbers are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. Riders may choose to run their earned number from previous year. If a rider chooses not to run their earned number, that number will not be reassigned.
      2. Upon request, SIDRA may choose to assign an earned NHHA number from the previous year. Rider must use “N” preceding their number and class designation.
      3. All Racers must either hold a valid annual SIDRA Membership ($20) or pay $5 for a day membership.
      4. All Racers must have a Moto-Tally transponder available at sign ups for $10.


      1. SIDRA Members seeking to earn points, must run their assigned number at all events. If a racer arrives to a race without an assigned number or it is not properly displayed, they must purchase a temporary plate with appropriate letter designator and color at registration for $10.
      2. Racers who do not purchase an annual SIDRA membership will not receive season points for the race and the next available SIDRA member will receive points in their place. For example, if non SIDRA members finish in 1st and 3rd place, with SIDRA members finishing in 2nd and 4th place, the SIDRA members will receive points for 1st and 2nd This applies to both division and overall points classifications.
      3. Racers are encouraged to purchase Annual SIDRA membership before the start of the racing season. If you purchase an annual membership mid season, past points will not be awarded.
      4. Youth Memberships do not transfer to Big Bike Events. If a racer wishes to earn points in the Youth Races and the Big Bike Races, they need to purchase a $20 annual SIDRA membership in addition to their Youth Membership.
      5. In Co-Sanctioned events, riders will not be required to purchase a SIDRA Membership or day card. (NHHA and Idaho City 100)
      6. In Co-Sanctioned events with non-SIDRA Classes, refer to the SIDRA website prior to the event for your assigned class. If you do not race the class that SIDRA maps as the points paying class, you will not receive points.
      7. All Annual SIDRA Members are eligible to earn overall, class points and championships. However, to receive year end awards such as trophies and jackets the racer must:
        1. Be in good standing with a SIDRA Club at the end of the championship year; AND
        2. Participate in 60% (always rounded up) of the series events in the class you are seeking a championship. (6 races = 4, 7 races = 5) Participate means race or work.
      8. Pro AA and Mini’s are encouraged to actively participate in a club but they are not required to be in good standing with a SIDRA club to be eligible for yearend awards and trophies.
      9. In the event there are more than 20 entries in a class, riders will receive 1 point for a finish after 21st
      10. For the 2023 season, your lowest points race will be a drop.
      11. There is no minimum entry per class to receive points.
      12. The Overall SIDRA Member A/AA and B/C #1 Plate will be awarded annually. Only the Top 20 AA/A and B/C riders will be scored following the same points structure above. This is separate from class result season points. The requirement of being in good standing with a club and finishing 60% of races does not apply to this trophy.
      13. The revolving Club Trophy will be awarded annually. Using the Top 20 calculations, the top 5 racers of any Class or Division’s Overall Points from each club will be totaled to determine the Club score for the year. The 60% rule does not apply to these points.
      14. You must complete at least one lap to be considered a finisher and earn points.
      15. Work points will be awarded to club members who work at their club events.
        1. You can only receive work points for one club during the year.
        2. If you take the green flag in your SIDRA points paying class, you will earn finish points for your race only, you cannot earn work points. If you DNF and earn 0, work points will not replace the 0.
        3. If a club hosts multiple races, members of that club are eligible for work points for each event worked and promoted by that club.
        4. The amount of work points will be awarded based on the riders best individually scored finish. (No team results will count toward the best)
        5. Work points must be submitted by clubs within 3 business days after the race. No points will be added after this.
        6. In order to receive worker points, you must purchase a SIDRA membership before the race, points will not be awarded retroactively.
      16. The Club you are in good standing with, the club that you receive work points from and the club that receives your year end points must be one and the same.
      17. Season points will be updated online within 10 days of the event.
      18. If you change division or class mid season, you do not take any earned points with you.


      1. The SIDRA Race schedule is January 1st – December 31st.
      2. No SIDRA Sanctioned event will be less than 14 days apart.
      3. The minimum age for amateur riders is 12 years old. A Rider must be 14 years or older to ride motorcycles above 250cc.
      4. The age of the rider is determined as of the date of the event, except in youth competition.
      5. All riders under the age of 18 must have both parents present at sign up to complete the per event waiver or complete the AMA annual waiver.
      6. All riders must show current AMA Membership card at registration for every event. Failure to produce proof of current AMA membership will require the rider to purchase a membership at the event before they are eligible to race.
      7. Riders must have the following protective equipment: Protective pants made of leather or other durable material; long sleeve jerseys; boots at least 8” tall; full face SNELL M2010, M2015 or M2020 helmet; and shatterproof goggles at the start of the event.
      8. No rider shall use more than one motorcycle for the same division. The bike that you start on, you must finish on.
      9. A rider cannot enter and ride the same motorcycle in more than one division at the same time.
      10. For timed events, Pre-Entry online sign up times will be announced via email and social media no less than 3 days before sign ups open.
      11. All SIDRA events are closed to any type of pre course inspection 21 days prior to the race. Anyone walking past a designated start or pre-riding any part of the course may be disqualified. See flyer or race referee for event specific information where walking or riding any part of the course (including the bomb start) may be allowed.
      12. The race referee may disqualify a rider from an event. If a more severe penalty is necessary such as multiple race disqualifications, the race referee must report the incident to SIDRA. The incident will be discussed at the next SIDRA meeting and disciplinary action will be voted on by the race committee. In the event of this situation, the rider is encouraged to attend and address the committee before the vote.
      13. All racers must have a motorcycle in good working order, a current ORV sticker and a USFS approved Spark arrestor at all events. All motorcycles must pass a 96db sound test.
      14. Effective January 1, 2020 Idaho BLM will no longer accept out of state OHV registration. All Motorcycles must have an Idaho resident or Idaho non-resident OHV Sticker to race or ride on BLM and USFS land.
      15. Riders meetings are mandatory. Riders not present if called at the riders meeting will be subject to penalty, including DQ.
      16. Leaving the designated race course is forbidden. A rider must make every effort to stay on course at all times. The penalty for course cutting will be the loss of finishing positions or a disqualification. There is no course deviation allowed, you must stay on the trail, not create new ones, not widen the trail and obstacles are meant to be ridden over.
      17. You must stay on the marked trail. Cutting a corner early will jeopardize the use of our public lands. If you are caught cutting corners early or riding outside of a marked trail, you will lose finishing positions and may be disqualified from the event.
      18. Tear Off’s or any type of throw away goggle film are not allowed at any SIDRA events, including park races. Roll off systems are acceptable.
      19. Flags that may be used in a race:
        1. Green or Banner - Start the race
        2. Red – The race has been stopped
        3. Yellow – Caution until you pass the incident or danger area
        4. White – one lap remaining
        5. Black – To disqualify or stop a rider
        6. Checkered – Finish of the race
      20. The club may, at their discretion, stop the race if the leader has finished and award a finishing position to remaining riders.
      21. Check markings may be done using fender cards or white adhesive tape on the helmets.
      22. All riders must stop at checks in a slow and controlled manner for positive identification.
      23. The race course shall be marked with Orange or Pink Ribbon. Cards may also be used.
      24. If turn arrows are not used, turns shall be marked with yellow ribbon on the side of the trail to indicate direction of the turn.
      25. Dangers shall be marked with blue danger cards and/or blue ribbon.
      26. In open terrain, each marking shall be visible from the previous one.
      27. Road Crossings will be marked with an X. Slow down, look for traffic and cross only when safe. Other vehicles always have the right of way. Some road crossings may require you to dismount your bike and push across the road. Pay attention to rider instructions and rider meetings for this announcement.

       2022 SIDRA Supplemental Rules - YOUTH

       These Youth supplemental rules are in addition or replace the above supplemental rules.

      1. SIDRA Memberships for youth classes are $10 but are sponsored for the 2022 season by Rekluse. To receive points, youth racers must sign up for this free membership before the race. If Youth riders wish to earn points in big bike classes, they must purchase a separate $20 SIDRA Membership before the race. No points will be retroactively awarded if the rider signs up or purchases a membership later in the season.
      2. All riders under the age of 18 MUST have both parents present at registration to complete the per event waiver. Alternatively, Minors can present an AMA Minor Waiver Card. For more information - Click Here.
      3. At least one legal guardian must be present at registration and during the entire event.
      4. An authorized adult acting on behalf of the parents or legal guardians must provide a notarized statement indicating they have been given the authority by the parent or legal guardian to be responsible for the minor during the meet.
      5. The riders age on Jan 1 will determine age for the remainder of the year. Riders may move to the next higher age class in the Youth Division only if they will be eligible to do so at any time during the year. Once a rider moves to the next higher age class, they may not move back to the lower age class. Riders are encouraged to determine at the beginning of the points season/year the age class they will participate in for the points season/year. Points earned in a lower age class will not transfer to a higher age class.
      6. Classes maybe separated into rows or start together. Starts will be dead engine with riders astride their motorcycles. No straddling the front wheel.
      7. 50cc races will be a live engine start, except National co-sanctioned events.
      8. Youth Bikes are not allowed on the big bike course at the same time as the big bikes are racing.
      9. 50cc Jr class is strictly limited to 10” front and 10” rear bikes with a wheelbase under 36” and seat base under 24”. Larger wheel base 50cc bikes with 10” wheels are not eligible for the class.
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