I'm new to racing, how do I get involved?

  • Check out our information on Getting Started. (There is good info here for seasoned racers too!). Still a little timid to show up and race? Show up an spectate! Our racers are friendly and will gladly show you around and walk you through the process.

How much does it cost to start racing?

  • SIDRA Membership $20 / Youth $0
  • AMA Membership $49 / Youth $29
  • Race Fees vary from $40-$100 depending on class. Youth $15-$30

How do Championship Points Work?

  • To be eligible for Championship points you must compete in 60% of the scheduled races; and be in good standing with a club at the end of the season. 

What if my minor wants to race but both parents can't be present to sign the AMA Release?

Where does my Entry Fee Go?

  • SIDRA and its clubs are all non profit organizations. Everyone is a volunteer - they are not reimbursed for gas or time. For every Racer, the club has to pay $7 to the BLM, $8 for BLM required insurance and $5 to SIDRA. In addition to those numbers, clubs have to pay for Trophies, Port-a-potties, Ambulance, Supplies for Course Markings and other expenses. 

Where does the SIDRA money go?

  • Timing and Scoring is $1 for every rider, Transponders cost $1.50 each. All other money goes towards the year end awards banquet, Jackets, web hosting, insurance and upkeep on timing and scoring equipment. SIDRA is a non-profit organization. Any extra money left over at the end of the year goes to a land use fund for when we have legal battles over using our public lands. 

Why do I have to be part of a club?

  • All SIDRA and club members are volunteers. In order to keep entry fees low and make desert racing fun, we need more volunteers to make these events happen. Being part of a club doesn't mean you have to skip a race. There are lots of ways to help your club. Obviously we still need volunteers to work road crossings, check points and pits - so worker points are awarded for your time and effort. Clubs can always use extra help from your friends and family members too!

Why do I need an AMA Membership?

  • AMA helps SIDRA and our clubs get discounted insurance so we can meet BLM requirements and hold races. AMA Membership also has its perks! There are over 50 discounts available to AMA members - check them out here


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