Getting Started


  • Get your bike ready for a desert race. You will need a Bike/Tank that will get you 50 miles before refueling at race speed and appropriate gearing. Have your jetting and suspension set up before the race, there is no pre-riding available at most event sites.
  • Make sure your bike is Desert Legal. This means a spark arrestor, a State ORV Sticker and a silencer that will pass a 96db sound test. These are available at your local Moto shop. Out of State Residents must get an Idaho Non-Resident OHV Sticker. 
  • You must have protective gear such as a helmet, boots, eye protection, pants and a long sleeve jersey. Goggle Film/Tear off's are not allowed in the desert and will get you disqualified. Roll offs are ok. A hydration pack is strongly recommended. The Kurt Caselli Foundation also makes a great Moto sized First Aid Kit
  • Decide which class is right for you. 
  • Pick out your favorite race # and select a back up just in case. See what #'s are already assigned and then Request your # online.
  • Sign up for your SIDRA Membership online. 
  • Sign up or renew your AMA Membership online. You must bring photo ID and your current AMA card with you. If you don't have your card yet, bring your temp card that you can print online.
  • Sign up online and save time and money! When online registration is open for a race, there will be a "sign up" link on the schedule page. 
  • Gas up your bike and bring a gas can for each pit location. Put your Bike # on your remote pit gas cans. The Idaho City 100 has a special fuel can policy.


  • The Race location will be on the race flier. Follow the Ribbon or arrows to the pit. Depending on your time of arrival, someone may direct you to the pit area and have you sign a waiver. Please only park in the "pit" area if you are going to need to stop for fuel during your race. 
  • Bring your helmet, Photo ID, AMA Card and $$ to registration. Please bring cash or checks, some clubs are able to take credit cards, but internet service can be an issue.
  • If are under 18, bring BOTH parents with you to the race! The only exception to this rule is if you have an AMA Annual Waiver.
  • Some races will have printed rider instructions. There will be important information like course markings, start instructions, etc.
  • Get your bike unloaded and ready to race! Duct tape your fender card on your front fender.
  • Take your bike to tech for inspection.
  • Take your E Gas can and drop it off in the pile, load into the trailer or bed of the truck.
  • Get your gear on and walk to the riders meeting. This is where to ask any questions. Pay attention! Make sure you understand where and when to start. Some races have waves or assigned minutes. 
  • If the race is a bomb start and you are allowed to walk it, do it! Pick your line and take advantage of the opportunity to see the area you will be riding alongside a lot of other bikes in the dust.


  • If it is a bomb start, line up on your correct row. When the flag goes up, turn off your bike. The banner will stay up for approximately one minute. When the banner drops for your wave, GO!
  • If it is a timed start, you will start on a specific minute. If your minute is 29 and the race start is 9am - you will start at 9:29. Get in line with the other racers and position yourself between 28 and 30 so you are in line and ready to go. Shut off your bike when you line up for your minute, when the green flag drops, start your bike and GO! (Some timed starts may be live engine, ask at the riders meeting)
  • Follow the neon ribbon markings or markings described in your rider instructions. Don't follow the rider in front of you. Some clubs may use arrows for turns, some may use yellow ribbon on the side of the trail indicating the direction of an upcoming turn. Blue cards and ribbon mean there is a danger and to slow down until you see it and can determine a safe speed. 
  • DO NOT cut corners. We are restricted by the BLM to the exact trails we have marked. You cannot go off course, you cannot cut corners early. Riding outside of the designated trail will result in a loss of finishing positions and possibly jeopardize the future of our desert racing. 
  • For safety's sake - use caution when passing other riders and give as much room as possible to faster riders overtaking you. 
  • Don't ride over your head or past what you can see. The adrenaline will be pumping, but speeding through the dust can be dangerous. Course markings are there to keep you on track, but you should rely on your own eyes to see where the course goes and recognize and slow down for different terrain and obstacles. 
  • When you arrive at a check, come to a complete stop so the course worker can safely mark your presence. Come and go in a slow and safe manner. Please don't roost your volunteers!
  • If you break down, stay with your bike. Sweep riders will be coming through and will help you out. 
  • If a rider crashes in front of you or you ride up to an injured rider, STOP and see if they are okay. If they give you the thumbs up, proceed with your race. If they do not, stay with them and give the next person that rides up your location, the bike # of the injured rider and any information about injuries. This rider should continue on course and take that information to the next check. The check workers will have radio access and can arrange someone to help. 
  • When you come into the finish, do so at a safe speed. The timing and scoring equipment is very fragile and very expensive. If you take out a scoring loop, you will ruin the race for everyone and be disqualified! 
  • At most races, there are multiple loops. Know how many loops your class races. If you are a 1 loop finisher, follow the sign or listen to the officials on which chute to take. If you are going out on your second or third loop, follow the chute that points you in that direction.
  • If you see a checkered flag, your race is done. If you have only done one lap and were expecting two, this means the race leaders have already finished and the cut off time has passed for you to begin your second loop. You will be scored as a finisher with SIDRA.
  • After you go through the scoring loop, follow the instructions of course workers while they remove your fender card and give you your finisher pin.
  • DO NOT leave the race site with your Fender Card. This is how we know you aren't still out on the course. Otherwise our sweep will be out there looking for you!


  • Most events are scored by SIDRA, but some may be scored by NHHA, WHS or even Moto-Tally directly. When possible, there will be live results online if cell service allows. At SIDRA races there will be a TV on the back of the scoring trailer. Live results are unofficial and provided as a courtesy. 
  • Results will be posted on the results board near the scoring trailer and will become official 30 minutes after being posted. Any questions or protests must be done within that time period. 
  • We encourage you to stay for awards and cheer on your fellow riders. If you finished in the top 3, you most likely will get a trophy, so don't head home without it!
  • Pick up your gas can from E Gas trailer when it returns.
  • Post your photos and tag @sidraracing and hashtag #sidraracing 
  • Say thank you to any of the club members you see. You may not realize it, but 100% of the people you interacted with today are volunteers. It takes weeks to set up the course, work with the BLM, long hours on race day and then they get to tear down the markings and finish up a bunch of paperwork with the BLM and AMA. A heartfelt "thank you" goes a long way for a tired volunteer. 
  • Pack out what you packed in. Some desert races are windy - make sure you secure your trash and papers at all times. 
  • If you enjoyed yourself and want to get more involved, join a local club. A Club is a group of dirt bike enthusiasts like yourself that have meets and generally put on one race a year.
  • If you're not sure who to join, come hang out with us at a SIDRA Monthly meeting where you can meet each club!



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