Responsible Recreation

SIDRA and its clubs make up some of the nicest people around. Most of us, having grown up in the desert, have been taught how to be stewards for the land, how to be respectful to private land owners and help the ranchers that we share the lands with. Not everyone understands how our public lands work and it's been disappointing to see them used as dumps, private landowners be disrespected, parking lots tore up, cross country travel harming the deserts, ranchers/cattle not respected, gates left open, and more. To help keep our lands open and usable for generations to come, we have to help educate others about responsible recreation. 

  • Don't be an idiot in the parking lot. Burnouts, speeding, donuts all tear up our expensively paved and maintained parking areas. Not to mention the children and animals that are around vehicles. Save it for the trails, the parking lot is not the place to show off. 
  • Leave gates as you found them and pay attention to signs. Ranchers may have gates purposely open, so make sure the first person in the group stays and keeps the gate as it was found. 
  • Stay off private land. Trespassing is a big problem. Use an app like OnX to help see where public lands end and private property begins.
  • Stay off trails and parking areas when they are wet. 
  • Pack it in Pack it out. Secure your trash in your vehicle and help pick up any trash that may have blown away. Report anyone you see dumping trash. 
  • Stay on the trail. Cross county travel is prohibited, stay off closed trails and don't create new trails. 
  • Be kind and respectful of other riders, drivers, ranchers, animals, cattle, etc.
  • Don't stop in the middle of a trail. Especially in the dust or on a curve. Pull over to the side.
  • Use hand signals. When you see oncoming traffic, slow to a reasonable speed. If you are alone or the last rider in the group, hold your hand up in a fist. If there are riders behind you, hold up fingers indicating how many riders are behind you. If riding in a large groups, the lead rider should stop and hold the oncoming traffic until all riders have passed. 
  • We’re Better Together - Share this page, share the trails, join a club, help educate others about responsible recreation and help keep Idaho public lands open, clean and beautiful for years to come.



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