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DIRT Inc. was started in 1975 by a group of friendly motorcyclists from the Treasure Valley of Idaho, their first race was the “DIRT 100” held in 1976, in the Owyhee Desert near Murphy Idaho. The winner of the event was 17 year old Ron Dillon. Fast forward 38 years and the club is alive and strong today, still promoting National Hare & Hounds, promoting annual fund raiser events, volunteering in cleanup efforts in the Owyhee Desert and supporting other local clubs. For 25 of the past 38 years the club has been led by the infamous “Wild Bill Walsh”, he and his DIRT crew are a well know organization here in the West. The club is very focused on promoting a fun, safe and well organized event for all members of the family, growing the organization with new members and of course having a great time doing it all!

Club Contacts:

Bill Walsh 208-459-6871

Doug Pill 208-890-8734 

Shay Crist

Micki Schlapia

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