Desert RATS


Adam Meredith - 208-880-1920

The Desert Rats of Idaho club was started by Elegant Phil White and Larry “The Tuner” Meredith.  The two were unhappy with the club they were previously in and with $350 between the two they decided to venture out on their own and put on races as the Desert Rats.  The first race was held in the Grand View area in 1978.  In 1983, the race was called Sand City 100 and was given the name due to the miles and miles of big sand washes in the Grand View area. The next legendary race was  in 1984 called the Monkey Butt 100, that started at Hemingway Butte near Melba and ended in Grand View.  The race ended up being 110 miles long. By 1988 the duo (and their spouses/kids) no longer put any races on.  In 1999, Phil White and Shane Meredith revived the club back to life and brought back the Sand City 100. The club hosted a National Hare and Hound back in 2002 in Grand View.  The club has continued to grow and has a bunch of great people in it today.  We are always looking for great people to join our club.  Feel free to join one of our club meetings or if you see someone wearing a Desert Rats jersey come talk to us to find out more.  We are a family-oriented club and love hosting the Sand City race every year. We also like having campout trips too. See you at the races! 

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