BLM Initiative on SIDRA Races

BLM Initiative on SIDRA races


Permittee shall monitor the race events to prevent damage from course cutting and participants traveling off course. The permittee shall establish racecourse checkpoints to prevent short coursing participants short coursing or passing in no passing areas willbe disqualified by race officials. The permittee will be responsible for keeping contestants on the designated course. Participants who violate any of the mitigation measures or stipulations shall be disqualified form the race. Additionally, any support personnel found in violation of the stipulations, associated with a participant shall result in the disqualification of that participant. 

Rules and regulations such as: Staying on the designated course at all times , no cutting of corners causing resource damage, riding off trail results in disqualification etc,will be posted @ web sites, included in information packets and on entry forms, as well as discussed at pre-race meetings. 

Phil White

SIDRA President

More Information from Bret Bell

So this year at the Oreana 100, there will be snow fence on all major corners and the riders will be required to go around the snow fence as to make the racer stay completely on the designated trail. There will be ( 0 ) tolerance for someone that cuts a corner by turning off before the snow fence or straightening out a trail by jumping out of a sand wash. That rider will be disqualified and there will be no discussion for blatant disregard for the rules set forth. As mandated by BLM all pit crews will be held accountable for their actions and there rider will pay the price. This means if your pit crew takes a 4 wheeler out and starts riding up and down the hills around the pits, you as the rider will be disqualified. So this being said, there will be NO pit riding tolerated and people going to the start to watch will be allowed to drive vehicles up the road and park on the side of the road but all travel off of the road will be by foot only, no 4 wheelers, no motorcycles, nothing except foot travel by spectators. The start will be just at the top of the hill like last year so walking 100 yards to see the start should not be too much to ask. There will also be gas mat now this year in the pits. There will be gas mat that is laid out along the pit row. All gas cans for the racers must be stored on the mat while not in use. This means along the banner there will be a strip of mat laid down that your cans set on. You can fuel the racer off the mat like normal but then return your gas can to the mat for storage. This is new but is now being required by most states. Sometime In the future most racers will be required to supply their own mat which can consist of carpet or some other form of an absorbent material. (We are not at that point yet and this is a trail run with material that the BLM has gave us). The fisheries department for the BLM is concerned about the fuel spillage into the streams and these sand washes do run water during the year occasionally. 

So in short, Please stay on the trails, don’t pit ride and let’s not try to spill any fuel. Not too much to ask I hope. 


Thanks Bret Bell 
Desert Raiders M/C

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