2021 Idaho City 100

SIGN UPS FOR THE BIG BIKE RACE ARE FULL. If you are a SIDRA member seeking points for this race, please contact us right away. We will post more information as soon as we have it. 

2021 Idaho City 100 is on June 5th and 6th. SIDRA Youth Race on Saturday June 5th.


BIG BIKE ENTRY - Two day entry opened on April 2nd 8pm MST. Single Day Entry opened on April 8th 8pm MST and has already sold out. Please read all the info on this page before you enter. Entry fees are $200 for both days, $130 for Saturday only and $90 for Sunday only. 


YOUTH ENTRY - Pre Entry opens April 8th. Online only and closes June 4th. 



Day 1 Starting Rows - coming after sign ups close

Day 2 Starting Rows - coming after sign ups close

Boise Ridge Riders Website

The Idaho City 100 is an iconic event hosted by the Boise Ridge Riders every year. Formerly an ISDE Qualifier, it is a true Enduro format that will challenge even the most advanced riders! You may race both days, or just one day but SIDRA points are ONLY awarded on Sunday. 


  • Sign up EARLY. Registration will fill up, and max out at 300 riders per day. 
  • Big Bike Entry closes May 13th (or when full), you cannot register onsite. 
  • SIDRA Big Bikes Points day is Sunday.
  • No refunds and entries are non transferable. 
  • Each day is limited to 300 entries, don't wait!
  • There is little to no cell phone service in Idaho City, so be prepared!
  •  Only approved gas cans may be used.
  • 2 Day Riders must sign in onsite Friday June 4th between 3-8pm and tech between 3:30-8:30pm. 
  • Directly after tech inspection, your bike will be impounded for the night and you will not get your bike back until 10 minutes before your start time.
  • Sunday only riders must sign in onsite Saturday from 6-8pm and tech/impound from 6:30-8:30pm.
  • Tech Inspection is STRICTLY enforced at this event because we race on US Forest Service land. Your bike must be CLEAN, (no dirt under fender or skid plate!) it must have a USFS approved spark arrestor, pass a 98db @ 20" sound test and you must have an ORV sticker.
  • Fill your bike with fuel before you head to tech/impound.
  • Take your gas cans (tagged with your race #/Minute) to the fuel trailer before you head to the riders meeting, the gas truck leaves at 8:30am.
  • Race Time Schedules will be posted at 7am on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Riders meeting Saturday and Sunday is 8:30am for all riders. Spectators are encouraged to attend as well.
  • When you arrive at a gas check, turn your bike off, push your bike onto the mat, find your fuel can, fuel your bike, push the bike off of the mat, then you can start it. You must fuel in the designated area, even if you have your own support. Read more on this here.
  • Speed limits are strictly enforced on all paved and gravel roads. The Sheriff WILL cite you! 
  • This is not a closed course. Be extra vigilant looking for vehicles on the two track roads!
  • Carefully review the below class mapping before registering. If you race the class on the right, you will receive points for the class on the left - no exceptions! 
  • ***Important note about online entries! SIDRA, NHHA, Idaho City 100 and WHS all use Moto-Tally to host sign ups and scoring. The web pages look the same, but they ALL have a different database. Search for your name and if it does not show up, click "Add New Rider" at the very bottom of the page. If you have never raced the Idaho City 100, you will need to "Add New Rider" - your info will not copy over from the SIDRA database. 

SIDRA Class: Idaho City 100 Class:
Unlimited A A2 or A3
Lightweight A A1
Vet A A4
Senior A A5
Super Senior A A Super Senior
Masters Masters
Women A Women A
Unlimited B B2 or B3
Lightweight B B1
Vet B B4
Senior B B5
Super Senior B B Super Senior
Womens B Women B
Open C C Sportsman or C Super Senior
Womens C Women C
Trophy C Sportsman or C Super Senior
Sportsman C Sportsman or C Super Senior

No SIDRA points will be awarded for the Team class

  1. If you aren't familiar with Enduro Time, read this helpful guide!
  2. Proof AMA Membership is required for all SIDRA races. Bring your AMA Card or print a copy from the AMA website. WE MUST SEE SOMETHING WITH YOUR AMA # AND AN EXPIRATION DATE. (Images from your phone are acceptable) If you forget your card, you will have to buy a new one at the race -we will not have internet to look it up at the event. 
  3. SIDRA Membership is required to receive series points for Big Bikes. Sign up online for a $20 Annual Membership to be part of the Championship. 
  4. Register by May 13th for big bikes. There will be no Big Bike entries accepted after May 13th.
  5. Registration is located in the Idaho Community Center. Bring your helmet and AMA card.
  6. All Racers must have a Moto-Tally transponder, available onsite for $10.
  7. Big Bikes will be issued 3 sets of rider numbers that need to be attached before you head to tech/impound.
  8. ALL MINORS must have both parents at registration to sign the Minor Release form. Save time at every race by completing an Annual Minor Release. It also allows the minor to race if only one parent is onsite. For more information click here
  9. No Tear Off's are allowed at SIDRA Races. Roll off's are ok.
  10. Effective January 1, 2020 non Idaho Residents must purchase an Idaho Non-Resident OHV Decal for $12. We will not have them at the race site, purchase online in advance. 
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