2020 NGPC Grassroots MX

RACE INFO - there won't be a printable flyer, but check out this link for all of the details!

PRE ENTRY - open now! Sign ups take place through Regio.io and are a little hard to follow compared to the Moto-Tally system you are used to using. Click on the link, then sign in at the top of the page. If you haven't raced NGPC, you will need to register at the top of the page. After logging in, when you get to the information page with your contact info, click Next. Select Round 5 . Select "Class Group" and the divisions will populate below. You can register for multiple classes (sign up for an unclassified race if you want to a practice race). In order to get points in the SIDRA class you race, you will need to race in the NGPC mapped class on the right. 



In an effort to bring more races to the 2020 schedule, we are co-hosting the NGPC Grassroots Valley MX in Preston Idaho on September 12-13! Flyer and sign ups coming soon, but mark your calendars and review the class mapping below to make sure you earn points in your SIDRA class!

In order to received points in the SIDRA class on the left, you MUST enter and race one of the NGPC Classes on the right.


Sun 12:45pm Race 16 NGPC Pro, NGPC Pro II, NGPC Women Pro, NGPC Jr 25+ A

Unlimited A Sun 12:45pm  Race 16 NGPC 2-Stroke A, NGPC 4-Stroke A, NGPC Jr 25+ A
Lightweight A Sun 12:45pm  Race 16 NGPC 122-150cc A, NGPC 2-Stroke A, NGPC 4 Stroke A, NGPC Jr 25+ A
Vet A Sat 10:15am Race 4 30+ 250cc A, 30+ 251cc+ A
Senior A Sun 10:15am Race 14 40+ 250cc A, 40+ 251cc+ A
Super Senior A Sat 11:30am Race 5 50+ 250cc A, 50+ 251cc+ A
Masters Sat 9am Race 3 60+, 70+
Women A Sat 9am Race 3 AA Women, Women Expert, Women 35+ Expert
Unlimited B Sun Race 15 2 Stroke B, 4 Stroke B, Jr 25+ B
Lightweight B Sun Race 15 122-150cc B, 2 Stroke B, 4 Stroke B, Jr 25+ B
Vet B Sat 10:15am Race 4 30+ 250cc B, 30+ 251cc+ B
Senior B Sun 10:15am Race 14 40+ 250cc B, 40+ 251cc+ B
Super Senior B Sat 11:30am Race 5 50+ 250cc B, 50+ 251cc+ B
Womens B Sat 9am Race 3 Women Intermediate, Women 35+ Intermediate
Open C Sun 11:30am Race 15 NGPC 2-Stroke C, NGPC 4-Stroke C, NGPC 122-150 C, NGPC Jr 25+ C
Womens C Sat 9am Race 3 Women Novice, Women 35+ Novice
Trophy Sun 11:30am Race 15 NGPC 2-Stroke C, NGPC 4-Stroke C, NGPC 122-150 C, NGPC Jr 25+ C
Sportsman Sun 11:30am Race 15 2 Stroke C, 4 Stroke C, 122-150 C, Jr 25+ C
Big Wheel Sat 1:30pm Race 7 NGPC Super Mini
85cc Sat 1:30pm Race 7 NGPC 85cc
65cc Sat 12:45pm Race 6 NGPC 65cc
50cc Sr. Sat 12:45pm Race 6 NGPC 50cc Sr
50cc Jr. Sat 12:45pm Race 6 NGPC 50cc Jr
Girls Sr. Sat 1:30pm Race 7 NGPC Girls Sr
Girls Jr. Sat 12:45pm Race 6 NGPC Girls Jr.

Saturday Race 8/9, Sunday Youth Races, and All Unclassified races will not receive SIDRA Points!


  1. Spark Arrestors and OHV Stickers are not required for this event. 
  2. Proof AMA Membership is required for all SIDRA races. Bring your AMA Card or print a copy from the AMA website. If you forget your card, you will have to buy a new one at the race! 
  3. SIDRA Membership is required for season points. Sign up online for a $20 Annual Membership to be part of the Championship. Youth Annual Memberships are free in 2019 courtesy of Rekluse! Onsite memberships will not be available, sign up for your membership BEFORE the race or you will not earn points.
  4. If you wish to register onsite, get in the "Sign Ups" line. Please bring cash in case cell phone service is not working. Bring your helmet and AMA Card to sign ups! Items you may have to pay for will be AMA Membership, Race Entry Fee, transponder and Temp #'s.
  5. NGPC uses Moto-Tally so your SIDRA transponder will work. 
  6. Youth Racers must have both parents at registration to sign the Minor Release form. Save time at every race by completing an Annual Minor Release and having it notarized by both parents! For more information click here
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