2019 OMC Scramble


PRE-ENTRY - opens September 25th, Closes on October 16th




  1. No Camping Fees, No Gate Fees.
  2. Spark Arrestors and OHV Stickers are NOT required for this race only. There will be tech for this race to check bike numbers.
  3. Tear Off's are allowed for this event ONLY. 
  4. Pre-Enter now through October 16th to save on your entry and skip the line. One youth and one big bike entry will be refunded Monday after the race. Pre-Entry is only available to SIDRA Annual Members.
  5. SIDRA Membership is required to race. Sign up online for a $20 Annual Membership to be part of the Championship. Day Memberships are available onsite at the race for $5 per race, but no points will be issued. Youth Annual Memberships are free in 2019 courtesy of Rekluse!
  6. AMA and SIDRA Supplemental Rules apply. 
  7. All Racers must have a Moto-Tally transponder, available onsite for $5. (One free transponder with your annual membership)
  8. Proof of AMA Membership is required for all SIDRA races. Bring your AMA Card or print a copy from the AMA website. If you forget your card, you will have to buy a new one at the race! 
  9. If you pre-register, take your helmet, AMA & SIDRA card to the "Pre-Entry" area to sign up.
  10. To register onsite, get in the "Sign Ups" line. Please bring cash in case cell phone service is not working. Bring your helmet and AMA Card to sign ups!
  11. Proper Bike #'s are required to race. Check out our classes and number plates. If you don't have an assigned #, correct color or letter, you will need to purchase temp #'s onsite for $10. Email us to request a season #. 
  12. Trophy Pro Class has been added for this race. AA Division riders, only races 1.5 hours. No SIDRA Points, 100% Payback. Trophy Pro will run White Background and Black Numbers, No Letter Designator. 
  13. ALL MINORS must have both parents at registration to sign the Minor Release form. Save time at every race by completing an Annual Minor Release. It also allows the minor to race if only one parent is onsite. For more information click here
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