2019 MVMX Western Hare Scramble





The 2019 Idaho Western Hare Scramble, hosted by MVMX is May 18th and 19th in Hagerman, Idaho! Sign ups and results will be posted on Western Hare Scramble website, check out the link above. 

***Important note about online entries! SIDRA, NHHA and WHS all use Moto-Tally to host sign ups and scoring. The web pages look the same, but it is a different database. Search for your name and if it does not show up, click "Add New Rider" at the very bottom of the page. If you have never raced a WHS race, you will need to "Add New Rider" - your info will not copy over from SIDRA or NHHA races from this year.

SIDRA Class Mapping for WHS Races below. In order to received points in the SIDRA class on the left, you MUST enter and race one of the WHS Classes on the right.

AA PRO Pro AA, Pro 250 or Pro Women
Unlimited A 251cc Open A 
Lightweight A 98cc-200cc A or 201cc - 250cc A
Vet A Vet A
Senior A Senior A
Super Senior A Super Senior A
Masters Masters or Pioneer
Women A Women A
Unlimited B 251cc Open B
Lightweight B 98cc-200cc B or 201cc - 250cc B
Vet B Vet B
Senior B Senior B
Super Senior B Super Senior B
Womens B Women B
Open C 98cc-200cc C, 201cc-250cc C, 251cc-Open C, Vet C, Senior C or Super Senior C
Womens C Women C
Trophy Sportsmen
Sportsman Sportsmen
Big Wheel Big Wheel
85cc 85cc
65cc 65cc
50cc 50cc
Girls Girls
Girls Jr. Girls Jr.

 Youth C And Girls C classes will not receive SIDRA Points!


  1. Proof AMA Membership is required for all SIDRA races. Bring your AMA Card or print a copy from the AMA website. If you forget your card, you will have to buy a new one at the race! 
  2. SIDRA Membership is required for season points. Sign up online for a $20 Annual Membership to be part of the Championship. Youth Annual Memberships are free in 2019 courtesy of Rekluse!
  3. If you pre-register, take your helmet and AMA card to the "Pre-Entry" area to sign up.
  4. If you wish to register onsite, get in the "Sign Ups" line. Please bring cash in case cell phone service is not working. Bring your helmet, AMA Card and SIDRA Card to sign ups! Items you may have to pay for will be AMA Membership, SIDRA Membership, Race Entry Fee and a Temp # ($10) if you don't already have an assigned number or you show up without legible, available numbers. Transponders are $10.
  5. In an effort to make timing and scoring run smoother - bringing quicker trophies and results post race - Proper Bike #'s will be strictly enforced and there will be no "pie plates" (hand written numbers) this year. Check out our new classes, colors and letter designators. If you don't have an assigned #, correct color, letter, etc - you will need to purchase Temp Number plates, complete with color bar and letter designator. These are available at the SIDRA trailer for $10. If your plates don't pass tech, you will need to purchase these onsite. Sign up for your membership and # now!
  6. Youth Racers must have both parents at registration to sign the Minor Release form. Save time at every race by completing an Annual Minor Release and having it notarized by both parents! For more information click here
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