2019 Dirt Inc Rabbit Creek 100




The 2019 Rabbit Creek 100 National Hare and Hound, hosted by Dirt Inc is March 23rd and 24th! Sign ups and results will be posted on National Hare and Hound's website, check out the links above. 

SIDRA Class Mapping for NHHA Races below. In order to received points in the SIDRA class on the left, you MUST enter and race one of the NHHA Classes on the right.

AA PRO Pro AA, Pro 250 or Pro Women
Unlimited A 251cc Open A 
Lightweight A 98cc-200cc A or 201cc - 250cc A
Vet A Vet A
Senior A Senior A
Super Senior A Super Senior A
Masters Masters or Pioneer
Women A Women A
Unlimited B 251cc Open B
Lightweight B 98cc-200cc B or 201cc - 250cc B
Vet B Vet B
Senior B Senior B
Super Senior B Super Senior B
Womens B Women B
Open C 98cc-200cc C, 201cc-250cc C, 251cc-Open C, Vet C, Senior C or Super Senior C
Womens C Women C
Trophy Sportsmen
Sportsman Sportsmen
Big Wheel Big Wheel
85cc 85cc
65cc 65cc
50cc 50cc
Girls Girls
Girls Jr. Girls Jr.


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