November 2016 Minutes



NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Gracie Franks, Shane Meredith, Mike Crow, Angie Crow, Nick Madril, Karen Madril, Sam Lee, Adam Meredith, Danny Youngwerth, Matt Gerosin, Bret Bell, Mimi Gerosin, Kit Scott, James Baker, Lexi Baker, Mark Ventura, Doug Thomas, Bill Walsh, Mike Voegele, Donnie Dickinson, Brad Banks, Charles Banks, Jim Price, Kelly Miller, Chris Miller, Jeremy Cogswell, Woody Andrews, Sully Andrews, and Colby Beamus. Clubs represented were Rats, Dirt, Fathead, Bar to Bar, Outlaws and Raiders.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:34pm. Minutes from the October meeting were read and approved with 1 correction. Matt said the balance in the general use fund is $6,727.20. The balance of the land use fund is $ $10,303.86 and $1,767.21 is the balance in the PayPal account. Matt wrote a check for $2463.05 for the new gates, stickers, and readers for the new scoring system.


Bill reported on the trash pick-up day. He said the attendance was low as there were only 18 people there. Most of the clean-up was done in the Sinker Canyon area.

The new stickers will be issued for a full year. The $5 cost will be included in the SIDRA card fee. Sam hopes to update the mailing list using the new system as well.

The banquet is scheduled for February 4, 2017. A suggestion was made that we increase the room size. Also the fee will be $10 RSVP and $12 at the door. Mel is hoping to get the flyers out before the end of the year.


The first topic of discussion was the AMA discussion tabled from last month. Bill indicated that, for a ‘stand alone’ race, the insurance costs are determined by the number of riders. For example, under 150 riders, the cost would be around $800. If the rider count was over 150, the cost would be $1150. Jeff is going to get a quote from both the AMA and Premier Alliance for comparison purposes. If it is decided to go with the AMA, all clubs would need to be an AMA club and all riders would need to have a valid AMA card.

Bret talked to Nick Harris who is the land use guy at the AMA. Nick advised Bret that, until the BLM comes out with the RMP, there is not much the AMA can do to help us with any land issues.

Jeff is looking for old maps to give to his friend who can overlay the trails onto a map. His friend is very knowledge about GPS. More discussion was tabled to next meeting.

Race dates for the 2017 SIDRA race schedule were picked and are as follows:

Rats - February 19, 2017

Raiders - March 4, 2017

Dirt - March 25 and 26, 2017

Outlaws - April 22, 2017

Big Nasty - June 10, 2017

Fathead - October 1, 2017

Magic Valley - October 29, 2017

Bar to Bar - November 12, 2017


The Boise Ridge Riders also wanted to be a part of the SIDRA series this year. Danny said they are doing s Sprint Enduro formatted race and they plan on doing that race March 11th and 12th. They are also doing the ISDE format on June 3rd and 4th. They are looking for SIDRA’s help in scoring the races. After much discussion regarding the dates and the fact that the dates are within a week of 2 SIDRA races, the vote was called for and passed. The SIDRA dates for the Ridge Riders races are March 12, 2017 and June 4, 2017.

The Bar to Bar race had 21 minis and 84 big bikes enter the race. The course was very good and there were no major injuries. There was an issue with the old scoring system and that is the reason it took Sam longer to get the points for the race done.

Fathead had 121 big bikes with 25 minis. There was 1 injury and the rider was life flighted out.

Sam made the motion to adjourn which was seconded by Bill. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White