December 2016 Meeting Minutes



DECEMBER 5, 2016

Members present were Jared Schlapia, Ashley Childers, Charlie Smith, Travis Doty, Bill Walsh, Jim Price, Lucky Pickett, Karen Stefan, Mircea Stefan, Peter Reynolds, Mike Crow, Angie Crow, Don Stanger, Adam Meredith, Shane Meredith, Bret Bell, Matt Gerosin, Sam Lee, Wyatt Foss, Mike Voegele, Mel White, Mark Ventura and Jeff Miller.

Clubs represented were Dirt, Raiders, Rats, Bar to Bar, Fathead, Outlaws, Magic Valley MX, and Ridge Riders.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:34pm. The minutes for the November meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given. Currently, the balance in the general fund is $8,375.96. Balance in the land use fund is $10,303.86 and $1,767.21 is the PayPal balance.


Jeff had more information regarding the AMA sanction. All racers must be AMA members. The insurance fee is determined by the number of racers at each event. If there are over 200 riders, the fee is $950 but, if there are up to 200 riders at the race, the fee is $800. Jeff said the coverage is better for the riders as the insurance coverage in the past does not cover the riders. The plan is for SIDRA to hold the AMA charter and the clubs would fall underneath it. The vote was called for. There were 4 ‘yes’ votes (Fathead, Dirt, Bar to Bar, Big Nasty-by proxy) and 3 ‘no’ votes (Rats, Raiders, Outlaws). The motion was passed.

All race dates for the 2017 season were confirmed.

Sunday, December 11th, has been set for the testing date on the new scoring system. It will be held at David Kamo’s place at 11am.

The Ridge Riders are planning on purchasing the additional equipment needed to use the system at their March event.

A discussion regarding mini riders at the ISDE qualifier was held. It was decided to have the mini races at the March race but not at the Idaho City race in June. Peter mentioned they are working on getting a special time set-up for the Idaho City race.

All clubs are reminded to pay their SIDRA sanction fee and their rule book fee as soon as possible.

Bill made a motion to adjourn which Bret seconded. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:36pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White

Mel White