April 2016 Minutes



APRIL 4, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Sam Lee, Jim Price, Jeff Miller, Kelly Miller, Christopher Miller, Anna Miller, Mike Voegele, Mark Ventura, and Sam Martin. Clubs represented were Rats, Fathead, Bar to Bar, and Outlaws.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:33pm. The March minutes were read and approved as read. There is a balance of $6,853.39 in the general fund. The land use fund’s balance is $10,303.96 and $1,767.21 is the balance in the PayPal account.


Jeff urged all the clubs to request reimbursement for the toilets from the Idaho Parks and Rec Department now. There is a greater chance of receiving the reimbursement by sending the requests in now rather than later.

Sam said he purchased a second generator from Canyon Honda for scoring use from Canon Honda. SIDRA got an awesome deal on it.


The Rats reported they had a good turnout at their race on March 20th. They had 142 big bikes and 17 mini riders. There were no major injuries but there were a couple minor ones.

The Raiders had a great turnout for the first race of the year with 215 big bikes and 27 mini bikes.

Anna stated that she had been doing some checking on medical personnel at the races. A discussion was held and it was determined to continue checking into it.

Mark and Sam stated the Outlaws are definitely interested in teaming up with the new club in the Magic Valley area. They are planning on meeting with them within the next couple weeks.


Fathead has moved the date of their race to May 14th. It will be held at Clay Peak and will be a regular race, not the Boxer Bash type of event. Jim said they are looking to start 10 riders per row.

Jeff suggested that SIDRA look at doing community service in Owyhee County. This could be trash pickup or trail maintenance but the idea is to have SIDRA’s name be more recognized by the community. It would also serve to give back to the community instead of taking from it. Any ideas are welcome!

A discussion to increase the day card fee was held but again was tabled to a later meeting. Another discussion regarding the liability insurance and medical insurance was held. Jeff and Mike will look further into this subject.

Sam made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Mark. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White

Mel White