May 2016 Minutes



MAY 2, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Charlie Smith, Sam Lee, Jim Price, Jeff Miller, Anna Miller, Clyde Adams and Mark Ventura. Clubs represented were Desert Rats, Fathead Racing and Outlaws.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. April minutes were read and approved as read. There was no treasurer’s report available.


Jeff asked if anyone had received their reimbursement for the porta-potties yet. The Raiders, Rats, and Fathead have already submitted their forms but no one has received anything yet. Jeff will contact Todd Wernex to find out what the situation is.

Sam Martin met with Charlie and the Magic Valley group. They have approximately 4 miles of Gran Prix track available. However, they are also working on a possible desert race in Paradise Valley and they may be using the course from the Rats race in 2003. Charlie said he will continue working with them as well.

Fathead’s race will be at Payette on May 14th. Jim said they have already mailed their flyers out. 

Jeff and mike reviewed the insurance policy. All the board members are covered under the policy.

Mel talked to Theron Thomas who is a paramedic out of Twin Falls. He is going to talk to his boss to see if they could possibly cover the 4 races held in Owyhee County.

Sam noted that Dirt had 83 big bikes and 12 minis who were SIDRA riders. They had a total of 158 big bikes and 26 minis. There were 40 DNFs recorded.



We received a report from Ron Dillon via a text message sent to Mel. He is working on 3 loops,  


2 of which are high desert with cedar trees and big sagebrush, similar to Idaho City. The 3rd loop is called the river loop. Each loop is approximately 30 miles but he does not have the exact mileage on each one yet.

Sam made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Charlie seconded it. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White