June 2016 Minutes



JUNE 6, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Shane Meredith, Adam Meredith, Sam Lee, Matt Gerosin, Bill Walsh, Jim Price, Mike Voegele and Ron Dillon. Clubs represented were Rats, Raiders, Dirt, Fathead, Bar to Bar and Big Nasty.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:35pm. Minutes for the May meeting were read and approved as read. Matt gave the treasurer’s report. Currently, the balance in the general checking account is $6,853.30 and the balance in the land use fund is $10,303.86. The PayPal account has $1,767.21 as the balance.


Charlie Smith is putting in an application with the BLM for a race in Paradise Valley. He is unsure if the Outlaws will be working with them.

Jim gave a race report from the Fathead race at Clay Peak last month. He said they had a decent turnout with 24 mini bikes and 54 big bikes. Unfortunately, they were up against a National race which did affect their turnout.

Mike and Jeff reviewed the insurance policy issued for all SIDRA races. The officers and the board members are covered under that policy for up to $1 million.

Bill reported that Dirt had a good race in April. There were 24 minis and 217 big bikes.

Ron said he had to cancel his June race as the land dispute still had not been settled. He is hoping that everything will be completed before next year as he does plan on using that area for his June race in 2017.


A discussion was held regarding the 2 cancelled races and the drop race. Since the cancellation of the 2 races was beyond the control of the promoting clubs and racers have made plans based on the original calendar, Sam made the motion to maintain the calendar as stated in the rule book with 8 races and 1 drop race. Bill seconded the motion. The vote was held and the motion passed unanimously.

Bill brought up the possibility of a clean-up day in the desert with all clubs involved. Before a determination will be made on a date, we will wait to see what the Magic Valley club and the Outlaws decide for their races this fall.

Jeff brought up the subject of a new scoring system using bar codes instead of the transponders. He has a club who is interested in purchasing our current transponder system. Sam stated that it would be possible to sell the hardware only. Sam will check into the cost of a new scoring system and what would be needed to implement it.

We will have a meeting in July as commitments are needed from both the Outlaws and the Magic Valley club for potential fall races. The meeting will be held July 11th.

Shane made a motion to adjourn. Matt seconded it and, with no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White