July 2016 Meeting Minutes



JULY 11, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Shane Meredith, Adam Meredith, Mike Crow, Angie Crow, Charlie Smith, Sam Lee, Jim Price, Jeff Miller, Ana Miller, Mark Ventura, Bill Walsh and Bret Bell. Clubs represented were Rats, Fathead, Outlaws, Dirt and Raiders.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:26 pm. Minutes for the June meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given. The balance in the general fund is $9,908.39 and the balance in the land use fund is $10,303.86 while $1,767.21 is the balance of the PayPal account.


Charlie met with the BLM in the Magic Valley area. As a result of that meeting, he indicated there will be no race this year. The BLM officials told him they were meeting with a couple of groups in July and they would have 60 days to decide if the race would be allowed to happen. Charlie is thinking of waiting until next year to put on the race in Paradise.

Jeff talked to Ron Dillon about his race this fall. Ron indicated that he is 95% confident in is ability to do put on a Hare Scrambles in the Lava Hot Springs area on November. It would be a joint sanctioned race with SIDRA and USRA.

Mark said the Outlaws are looking at 80 acres of private land at the end of Missile Base Road for their race this fall. Tentative date is October 23rd.

The BLM has lifted the restrictions on the land that was burnt in last year’s fire. Jim mentioned that he may have to change his map but Ryan indicated that would not be a problem.

The trash clean-up date is set for October 15th. We will start at Rabbit Creek trail head and go from there.

Jeff talked to Moto Tally regarding new scoring options. The cost could be anywhere from $2000 to $4000 for their system using visor stickers. Sam thought it would cost approximately $2000 to get new hardware to upgrade our current scoring system.

Todd Wernex told Jeff that he has not received any requests from any clubs regarding the reimbursement of the toilet money. Each club completed a new form which will be faxed directly to Todd.


Mike Voegele would like to get a head start on the rule books this year. In an effort to get things rolling forward, discussion of potential new rules will be held in September. Any and all new rules will be finalized at the October meeting. Nominations for officers will also be held in September and voting on the new officers will be done in October.

There will be no meeting in August.

Bill made the motion to adjourn and Bret seconded the motion. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White

Mel White