September 2016 Minutes



SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Nick Madril, Karen Madril, Charlie Smith, Sam Lee, Mark Ventura. Micki Schlapia, Jared Schlapia, Ashley Childers, Wyatt Foss, Mike Voegele, Matt Gerosin, Jeff Miller and Jim Price. Clubs represented were Rats, Raiders, Dirt, Fathead, Bar to Bar, and Outlaws.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:31pm. The minutes for the July meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given. Currently, the general fund has a balance of 9,190.25 while the balance of the land use fund is $10,303.86 and the PayPal account stands at $1,767.21. Matt mentioned that the Rats and Raiders need to pay an additional $76.50 for insurance as the Outlaws cancelled their event this year. The Outlaws and Big Nasty still need to pay for the rule book ads and sanction fees.


Charlie said the BLM has concerns regarding the possibility of litigation if they grant his permit. The Oregon Trail to the north and the wild horses to the south also present some potential problems for the BLM. The general consensus is that Charlie’s contact, who is the archeologist for the Paradise area, lacks knowledge and experience relating to motorcycle racing.

Jeff contacted Ron Dillon to verify his race this fall. Ron assured Jeff that he has contacted the land owner and Ron is 99% confident of his event this fall moving forward.

The Outlaws have cancelled their race for the fall but plan on having the race next spring.

The trash pickup is scheduled for the weekend after the Fathead race. SIDRA will provide the hot dogs and chips for the event.

Sam said he checked into the new scoring system. In May, 2015, the cost was approximately $1500. New transponders would be around $ .50 each but SIDRA could sell them for $5 each. He will follow up with the guy he talked to last year to see what the current cost to SIDRA would be.





Jeff proposed 5 new rules. They are as follows:

A change to the SIDRA by-laws to move elections of new officers from November to January. This change would allow them time to acclimate to their positions rather than being thrust into the middle of the banquet, new rule books and marketing.

Splitting the Masters class into a Masters A and Masters B by breaking it up by age.

SIDRA would become a member of the AMA. Each club would need to become an AMA club but it would allow SIDRA and the clubs to be under the AMA’s umbrella. Jeff will have more information on the effect to each club at the October meeting.

Changing the points system to a system more like the AMA currently has.

Every SIDRA rider wanting to qualify for a year-end jacket would need to belong to a club.

Sam also mentioned that he will clarify the wording for the rule regarding the drop race.

Action Cycle in Twin Falls has talked to Charlie about the possibility of sponsoring year-end jackets. They are very interested in doing that for the 2017 season.

The nomination for officers was held and are as follows:

President – Jeff Miller (Mark made the motion, Wyatt seconded it)

Vice-President/Treasurer – Matt Gerosin (Jeff made the motion, Mike seconded it)

Secretary – Mel White (Mark made the motion, Jeff seconded it)

Points Steward – Sam Lee (Jeff made the motion, Mike seconded it)

Marketing Director – Mike Voegele (Matt made the motion, Jeff seconded it)


Jim verified that the flyers for the Fathead race at Hemingway have been mailed out. It will be a timed event and pre-entry is now open.

Sam made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Matt seconded the motion. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mel White