October 2016 Minutes



OCTOBER 3, 2016

Members present were Mel White, Shane Meredith, Mike Crow, Angie Crow, Sam Lee, Adam Meredith, Mark Ventura, Jim Price, Jeff Miller, Wyatt Foss, Bret Bell, Matt Gerosin, and Ron Dillon. Clubs represented were Rats, Outlaws, Fathead, Bar to Bar, Raiders and Big Nasty.

President Jeff Miller called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Minutes from the September meeting were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was given. Currently, there is $9,190.25 in the general fund. The balance in the land use fund is $10,303.86 while $1,767.21 is the balance in the PayPal account. It was mentioned that SIDRA would pick up the difference of the insurance bill due to the cancellation of the Outlaws race and the Big Nasty race this fall.


Discussion was held regarding the cancellation of Big Nasty’s race in November. Due to the late date, SIDRA will not be sanctioning the race. Ron said that Utah will help him put on the race if he decides to go ahead with it. He is finishing up with the Big Nasty hill climb and has not talked to the landowner regarding the race yet.

Jeff wants to get a commitment from all the clubs to participate in the clean-up date scheduled for October 15th. It was mentioned that more information needs to be put on the website so people will know the time and the place.


Nominees for 2016 -2017 officers are as follows:

President – Jeff Miller


Vice-President/Treasurer – Matt Gerosin


Secretary – Mel White


Points Steward – Sam Lee



Marketing Director – Mike Voegele


The vote was called for and all the above nominees were elected. Jeff did state that Mike will be stepping down from his position this year as his busy time at work starts now. Volunteers are needed to help with the rule book and obtaining sponsors and ads.


Sam said he has done the cost analysis on a new scoring system. For the full replacement, the cost is approximately $1500 for 1 setup and $3000 for 2 setups which is similar to what SIDRA has now. Our current software would be compatible but he is unable to get any new transponders for the current system. Sam made the motion to buy the new system which Bret seconded. The vote was called and the motion passed unanimously.

Discussion was held regarding the proposal to join forces with the AMA. Concerns were voiced about the cost of insurance and the riders having to purchase an AMA card in addition to the SIDRA card. Some felt the cost would be high for some riders and participation would fall off. A suggestion to talk to the Utah, Nevada, and Oregon associations was discussed. Wyatt made a motion to table this until Jeff could get more information from both the AMA and the other associations. Jeff seconded the motion which passed with all ‘yes’ votes.

Our next topic of discussion was the splitting of the Masters class. It would be split into a Masters A and Masters B. There was no discussion and this new rule was passed.

The changing of officers officially starting their new positions in January or February was also tabled until a later date.

The new point pay out system was addressed. Points will be paid to the top 25 overall A riders, B riders and C riders. Points will also be paid out in class. The new system is similar to the current AMA system. A vote was called for and this change was passed unanimously.

Big Twin will be sponsoring the year end jackets this year. Kevin wants to do a style for the 1st place finisher different than for 2nd and 3rd places.

Fathead’s race will be held this coming Sunday and will start at Hemingway. Jim said the course will be 2 loops.

The 2016 awards banquet has been scheduled for February 4, 2017 and will be held at the Nampa Civic Center again. More details will follow as the date draws near.

Ron said he is being pressured by the NHHA to change his race date in June, 2017 to either one week after or the week before his original date of June 10th.

Jeff made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Ron seconded the motion. With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Mel White

Mel White